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Beauty & the Beach

Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born of sea foam off the coast of Cyprus. To the ancient Greeks, her image represented love and her beauty secrets could be found in the ocean waves. Here are a few sea-based recipes and treatments to try at home.

Pregnant Skin

Many doctors recommend that mothers-to-be use personal care products that are pure, gentle and contain no harsh chemicals. Double-check the brands you’re using to make sure they’re best for you and your unborn baby. Fortunately, you can easily create your own safe and soothing products at home. Here are a few easy recipes to keep your skin healthy during this special time.

At-Home Massage

A good massage relaxes tight muscles, relieves tension and boosts circulation. Combine massage with natural oil and pleasant fragrance and the experience is delightfully enhanced. Today, different types of massage are practiced around the world. Basic techniques can be mastered by anyone. Massages are a romantic activity for couples and they make a lovely Valentine’s Day activity. Here are a few simple tips:

Lovely Hair

Winter is the time of year when our hair could use a bit of TLC. Cold weather outside and heated air inside dries out the locks, making hair more brittle, prone to static electricity and harder to manage. A weekly deep conditioner can make a difference, bolstering hair’s shine, flexibility and overall health.

Beauty in a Box: All-Purpose Baking Soda

Baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate) has been a part of everyday life since ancient Egyptians used it as a simple cleanser and soap. Today, it’s a household staple. There are few commercial products that compare to baking soda in terms of versatility, effectiveness and overall safety. This natural beauty aid can be used head to toe to keep your skin, hair and body looking and feeling their best. It’s mildly abrasive, which makes it a gentle cleanser for skin, nails and teeth. It neutralizes acid, keeping your body’s natural pH level in check. It’s also a powerful deodorizer, which is why it’s an ingredient in many commercial foot powders and deodorants. Here are a few easy ways to use this natural ingredient.

Hot Weather 911: Allergy-Sensitive Hair, Skin, and Beauty Solutions

Summertime—the living may be easy but the hot weather can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Fortunately, natural remedies can help counter the effects of these seasonal syndromes. High temps can speed up your metabolism, translating into more active oil glands and oilier skin. If this happens to you, carry clean cotton balls and a mild astringent, such as witch hazel or strong green tea, in your tote bag to wipe your face and freshen up naturally. Consider using a facial mask up to twice a week to keep your skin clean and healthy. These DIY summer beauty treatments call for safe, natural ingredients that you may have in your kitchen. If your skin is super-sensitive and an ingredient is new to you, do a small test on your skin before using.

For Men Only: All-Natural Grooming Tips

For most men, shaving is a daily ritual, so why not make it as pleasant and soothing as possible by using products with all-natural ingredients? The same goes for heavy-duty hand soap to bust up grime and treatment for athlete’s foot to effectively stave off fungus and bacteria. These DIY products are made with all-natural ingredients that do the job while promoting healthy skin. Created for the man in your life, especially if he has allergies and sensitive skin, they make welcome gifts for Father’s Day—and any day.

Clean Up Your Shampoo

Many people wash their hair every day and don't think much about it. But for those of us with sensitive skin and allergies, the label on a shampoo bottle gives the expression "bad hair day" a whole new meaning.

A Beauty Garden

Gardening is one of life’s simple pleasures. You don’t need a big yard to experience the joy of tending a plot. A large container filled with good soil in a sunny spot will do. That’s all you need for a beauty garden, a sampling of common garden plants you can use to create your own bath and beauty products. These easy-to-grow plants are favorites, well known for their “personal care” properties. If you don’t want to tend a garden, you can still reap benefits by buying these plants fresh from your local farmer’s market.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

For Valentine’s Day, give the gift of natural skin care and loving touch. Think indulgence and relaxation. Create your own affordable, all-natural beauty products to pamper your sweetheart and yourself. Label each jar with an ingredient list and instructions on how to use it. Put together a basket filled with a few handmade items and tie it with a decorative ribbon. Then tuck in a love note, along with a promise to enjoy the items together.



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