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Celebrate Celiac Disease Awareness Month with Gluten Free & More

As a proud supporter of Celiac Disease Awareness Month, Gluten Free & More magazine wants to bring fun and celebration back to this month! May is a time for all of us to celebrate just how far we've come with celiac disease awareness, education, food safety, travel, and dining out. And what about all the advances in medical research for celiac disease and the possibility for a future pharmaceutical intervention (or interventions!) for celiac! This…

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With the passage of FALCPA, the food-allergy labeling law, wheat was no longer a hidden ingredient—a huge relief. When my daughter was diagnosed in 2006, I drove almost an hour to a store for exclusively gluten-free food. When I got there, it was so small and depressing, I cried in the car. Good gluten-free food is now readily available—a huge change.

Lemon Bars

This lemon bar makes a fresh winter dessert that doesn't crumble.
gluten free sugar free brownies

Favorite Sugar Free Brownies

A gluten-free brownie that's sugar free. This cake-like, moist dessert doesn't need frosting.
Canyon Bakehouse bagels

Blueberry Cream Cheese Bagel with Avocado and Fresh Fruit

Use award-winning Canyon Bakehouse blueberry bagels to make this tasty and health-packed snack!
egg free irish soda bread

Gluten-Free Egg-Free Irish Soda Bread

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, this gluten-free, egg-free Irish soda bread recipe delivers great flavor and contains high-nutrient, protein-packed flours. It can be made dairy free with great results. Like most soda breads (not just gluten-free ones), it tastes best when it's warm, so serve it shortly after it comes out of the oven. Use any leftovers to make croutons or breadcrumbs.
BBQ Breakfast

Southwest BBQ Gluten-Free Breakfast-on-the-Go

If you like your breakfast with a bit of a kick, then you’re going to love this simple vegetarian, gluten-free BBQ breakfast recipe that’s ready for noshing in about 10 minutes. All you need is an egg, a ¼ cup of your favorite salsa, half an avocado and a delicious Southwestern BBQ Q Cup™ for a quick and satisfying breakfast that’s easy to take with you.

Johnson & Wales Culinary Program Voting Page

Which recipe did you like best? Tell us your favorite in this group of recipes found in the April/May 2018 issue, and you could win a delicious assortment of gluten-free, allergy-friendly products. Five lucky winners will receive free gifts!

Six Things Parents with Gluten-Free Kids Should Know

Do you have a gluten-free child? These are some things that you need to know about raising a gluten-free child.

March 6th is National Frozen Foods Day! Celebrate it Gluten Free!

We have so many amazing options now for those who eat gluten-free and with alternative ingredients for those with a food allergy or food intolerance - even in the frozen foods section!



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Pesto Potato Salad

Vegan Pesto Potato Salad

Celiac Disease and Cancer

Cancer & Celiac Disease