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Soy Controversy

Soy can be found in baked goods, cereal, crackers, canned soups, vegetable broth, salad dressings, imitation bacon bits, energy bars, reduced-fat peanut butter, pasta, Worcestershire sauce, deli and luncheon meats and vegetarian meat alternatives. It’s also in some vitamin E supplements, prescription drugs and cosmetics. And don’t forget soy infant formula, soy milk, soy lattes, soy nut butter and soy veggie burgers. Americans love the soybean. Nearly one quarter of us report that we drink soy milk regularly.

Dinner Is Served

Writer Eve Becker, author of “Seeds of Trouble, Sesame is Sprouting into a Significant Food Allergen” (June/July 2010), has a little girl with celiac disease and a father who’s allergic to sesame. Eve was sure she had it covered—until they sat down to dinner the other night.
sesame free hummus recipe

Sesame-Free Hummus Recipe

Most hummus contains tahini, a sesame butter. This allergy-friendly, Sesame-Free Hummus dip is a crowd-pleasing appetizer that can be whipped up in less than five minutes. Serve it with gluten-free pita bread, chips or veggies.

Parent Alert: Sesame Seed Allergy

One of my childhood jobs was to sit at the kitchen table and carefully scan the bottoms of the bagels for errant sesame seeds. My father was severely allergic to sesame and I was always on the lookout for him. Ingesting even one tiny seed would make him violently ill, sending him to the hospital with gagging spasms.



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