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Considering Colleges When Gluten-Free

This past spring, FARE launched its Food Allergy College Search tool to help families find detailed information on how colleges handle food allergies and gluten-free diets. The database, which initially launched with 40 schools, has drill-down information on allergy-safe options, cross-contact procedures, staff training and roommate accommodations.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Low-grade inflammation is linked to many chronic conditions, including autoimmune diseases and asthma. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help keep you in optimum health, says Andrew Weil, MD, a Harvard-trained holistic health expert and well-known integrative medicine physician.

The Gluten-Free Athlete

After collapsing on court and battling frequent bouts of illness, tennis player Novak Djokovic went gluten-free in 2010. The next year, he won ten tennis titles, three Grand Slam events and 43 consecutive matches. He has been ranked the No. 1 tennis player for four of the past five years. Djokovic credits his gluten-free diet. Can the gluten-free diet provide an athletic edge? For some, the answer is yes.

Fast-Track Celiac

The appeal of NASCAR racing is the squeal of tires, bumper-to-bumper battles and speeds of up to 200 miles an hour. This fast-action sport isn’t usually linked with gluten-free living. Now racecar driver Parker Kligerman and the Gluten Intolerance Group want to change that. They’re recruiting sponsors for a gluten-free awareness car that would showcase gluten-free foods and the benefits of living gluten-free. They want to spread awareness of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to 75 million NASCAR fans, putting celiac on the fast track.

Gluten-Free Sorghum Salad in a Jar

Packing meals like this healthy salad in jars lets you make portions that are easy to transport to the office without any soggy ingredients.

Gluten-Free Seedy Sorghum Granola

This incarnation of granola is a unique way to sneak more sorghum into your diet. It’s packed full of seeds (the other nutritional overachievers). Molasses infuses each handful with a wonderfully deep flavor.

Gluten-Free Sorghum Flatbread with Chana Masala

Chana masala, a deliciously spiced Indian dish featuring chickpeas, is the perfect accompaniment to these no-fuss, slightly sweet sorghum flatbreads. Flatbread and masala can be prepared ahead and reheated in the microwave. In fact, masala only gets better after a day or two in the fridge. This recipe can be made with egg replacement; see instructions below.

Gluten-Free Chicken Sorghum Soup

Once you taste this gluten-free chicken soup, you may never go back to the ho-hum noodle version. For variety, swap out the kale with collard greens or Swiss chard.

Gluten-Free Sorghum Pudding

This rich, creamy take on rice pudding is sure to become a dessert favorite. An argument can be made for serving it for breakfast. Consider garnishing with dried coconut and crunchy cacao nibs. This recipe can be made with egg replacement; see instructions below.

Superstar Sorghum

Everyone needs to multitask these days—even our food. Enter a grain that is naturally gluten-free, drought resistant, heat tolerant, locally produced, competitively priced and entirely non-GMO. Not only that, it’s a significant source of protein, B vitamins and other nutrients. Some varieties have high antioxidant properties that are associated with a reduction in lesions leading to colon cancer—and it can potentially lower our glycemic load. What’s the grain? Sorghum! While one of the most important…



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