Cindy Gordon


Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom

My children beat the odds this year. At age 5 and 7, they have outgrown their allergies to peanuts and tree nuts, a miracle confirmed by oral challenges in the allergist’s office.

Diary of a Food Allergy Mom: Toughing Out an Allergy Test

I’d like to talk about a special day in the life of a food allergy mom. About a year ago, my boys had their annual allergy testing. Their bloodwork came back with some good numbers—numbers indicating that perhaps their allergies were declining or going away. Could this be possible after years of avoiding foods, of being scared of a deadly reaction?

Diary of a Food Allergy Mom: Allergies vs. Little League

“Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd/Buy me some peanuts...” SCREEECH! Stop the song! No peanuts here, please---we’re allergic to those things! It just so happens that my little guy, who has a peanut allergy in addition to a few others, likes baseball. You know, the sport that traditionally has peanuts at the game. Even the most famous baseball song mentions peanuts.

Diary of a Food Allergy Mom: Vacation Bible School vs. Snack Time

I really feel that we have been blessed with a church that seems to work hard to help children with food allergies, specifically my children. When we started to attend, we were not able to take communion. The pastor asked a close friend of ours why we didn't participate, why we chose instead to walk past the receiving line. Our friend explained our food allergy needs to the pastor. He told our friend to do what she could to make sure that our entire family could participate the next month.

Visit Columbus! Featuring a Gluten-Free Dining Guide

The thriving and energetic city of Columbus is located in the heart of Ohio. Home to well-known companies like Wendy’s, Donatos Pizza, Highlights for Children and Nationwide Insurance, Columbus showcases the very best aspects of the Buckeye state, including famous Midwestern friendliness and a diversity of restaurants that accommodate gluten-free and food-allergic visitors. There’s a lot to see and do in Columbus and the option to dine out safely is a reality. Here’s a rundown of the city’s highlights and some of our favorite dining spots.



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