Alicia Woodward


A Champion for Diabetics

Living Without editor Alicia Woodward talks with 5-time Olympic gold medalist, swimmer Gary Hall, Jr., about the diagnosis that changed his life. Hall discovered that he had type 1 diabetes in March of 1999.

Dog Allergies: Itchy and Scratchy

Canines suffer from five types of allergies – inhalant, flea, food, contact and bacterial. The most common is inhalant allergy (also called atopy), a reaction to airborne allergens—pollens, molds, mildews and dust mites—the same irritants that affect people. A dog with inhalant allergies may initially suffer seasonally, developing symptoms in spring and summer to grass or weed pollens, for example. Inhalant allergy can affect a dog at any age. Then as the dog ages, symptoms worsen and the animal is likely to develop additional sensitivities. In time, he may become itchy all year round.

Sick as a Dog – Pet Food Allergy

Sniffing out your pet’s food allergy.

Knowing What’s in Your Dog’s Food

Rupert was a border collie with a sweet disposition, the kind of dog who captures your heart. “He wanted nothing more than to be with me,” says owner Nancy Kerns. Kerns had purchased Rupert as a puppy from a sheep farm. From the start, the dog showed plenty of affection —and he did plenty of scratching, which Kerns ultimately traced to a flea sensitivity. “If he got so much as a single bite, he would scratch himself into a bloody mess,” she says. So she made certain his environment was free of the insects, resorting to occasional topical “spot” treatment (“I’m not a big fan of using pesticides but they work”). That slowed the scratching down but even with no trace of fleas, Rupert continued to suffer from episodes of intense itching. And then there were his ears.

A Specialist on Celiac Disease

One in 133 Americans has celiac disease yet only 3 percent have been diagnosed. Why is this chronic condition still being under-diagnosed and what are some common misperceptions?

Question and Answers: Celiac Disease

Stefano Guandalini, M.D., medical director of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and one of the world’s leading experts on celiac disease, talks with editor Alicia Woodward about this often misunderstood and vastly undiagnosed genetic disorder.

Dogged Advocate: Pets with Food Allergies

Marit Danielson loves her dog Willoughby. So last year when the Norwich Terrier began shaking his head and acting startled for no reason, Danielson of Peacham, Vermont, became concerned. She took Willoughby to the veterinarian, who found an infection in both ears and prescribed medication. Within two days, Willoughby had lost his hearing. Alarmed, Danielson returned to the vet’s office. “They basically discounted the deafness and told me that Willoughby was getting old,” Danielson says.

Small World

A reader recently alerted us to fresh gluten-free bagels just like the genuine item. She said they’re so good that she regularly drives many miles out of her way to buy a supply from the little store that makes them. Her enthusiastic endorsement, along with a tasty sample, prompted me to call the shop owner to ask if we could publish his recipe. As we chatted, he confided that the recipe for these wonderful bagels, best sellers in his store and a favorite in his community, is one he’d found in this magazine and "tweaked a little bit."



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Celiac Disease and Cancer

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