We’ve Got “Issues”

My skin is one of my “tells.” I break out and get rashes even if I’ve only had a minor amount of gluten. My skin flares up everywhere—face, back, arms and random other places. Now that summer is here, I’m afraid to go to the pool or anywhere that might require a bathing suit. I just feel gross and have no idea how to get this under control. What can I do?

We’ve Got “Issues”: A Gluten-Free Vegan’s Query

I’ve been a vegan for almost ten years and was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I’ve tried to embrace the change like I did when I removed all animal products from my diet but I have to say, this is not easy. I used to live on oatmeal in the mornings. Please, please, please help!

We’ve Got “Issues”: Unlucky in Love

Well, this is awkward. I recently became single (again). My boyfriend implied that my being gluten-sensitive and dairy-intolerant was part of the reason we couldn’t make it work. He said I was “too difficult.” I guess he just didn’t want to deal. I’m totally embarrassed about this and really angry. I can’t help my food issues! It’s not like a bad haircut. I think I might need therapy to help me deal with my many relationship failures but thought I would ask you first if you had any way of dealing with dating when you have “special needs.”

We’ve Got “Issues”: Anxious About the Holidays?

I dread the holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, I try to take control by asking everyone in my family and my husband’s to come to our house. Since I’m gluten intolerant and my husband has trouble with dairy, it just makes sense for us to handle the meal planning and cooking. You’d think everyone would agree to this arrangement since it’s easier for them. Not so. Our parents and siblings still insist on rotating Thanksgiving and Christmas locations, so we wind up just waiting to get sick in the middle of the family celebration. Help!

We’ve Got “Issues”: Mom Has Celiac Disease

My mom has celiac disease and so we all have to eat gluten-free. Sometimes it’s good but sometimes it’s NOT. What do I do?

We’ve Got “Issues”: Averting a Meltdown

I’m a single breastfeeding mom who works full-time and goes to school part-time. If that weren’t challenging enough, I noticed shortly after having my baby that she would violently spit up and cry for hours after I ate certain foods. I took her to a specialist and discovered that she has allergies and/or intolerances to gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, walnuts, almonds and fermented foods.

We Have “Issues”: Paranoid About My Popovers

My friends dine together frequently—birthdays, holidays, dinner parties—and I always bring gluten-free bread or dessert since I’m gluten sensitive. I think I’m a pretty good baker and my friends always say how great my stuff is. But I wonder if they’re just being nice. I’d much rather be eating normal food so certainly they would, too. It’s occurred to me that everyone is gagging behind my back.

We’ve Got “Issues”: Gluten-Free… or Not?

My 8-year-old was diagnosed with celiac disease four years ago and we’re well into the groove as he navigates second grade. So when a classmate recently told my son she was gluten intolerant, I reached out to her parents in case they needed any help or wanted to exchange gluten-free recipes. What I found was really disturbing. The little girl’s mother told me that she lets her daughter eat gluten whenever she wants to. She just “gives her Benadryl” to help with her hives.

We’ve Got “Issues”: Fend the Trend

I’m starting to feel like the gluten-free trend is getting dangerous. Excited by all the gluten-free menus popping up in restaurants around town, I’ve been dining out much more often, trying new places outside my usual short list of safe restaurants. While my social life has improved, I’m getting sick more often. I only order off the gluten-free menus, so what is happening?

We’ve Got “Issues”: Dating and Celiac Disease

My issue is that some of the spontaneity in my life has disappeared since my boyfriend was diagnosed with celiac disease. I’ll make a new recipe and I’ll say to my boyfriend, “Hon, you’ve got to try this,” and then I stop and realize that he can’t.



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