We’ve Got Issues: August/September 2017

After taking a multi-generational family vacation where I kept getting sick at restaurants that supposedly served gluten-free dishes, I’d like to go into my next travels better prepared. Aside from bringing my own food and grilling every waiter and chef at my vacation destination, what can I do? Oh, and getting there is also not so fun. Can you tell me which airlines have the tastiest GF options?

We’ve Got Gluten-Free Issues: June/July 2017

I’ve been gluten-free and dairy-free for almost ten years, thanks to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and general digestive issues. I mostly eat at home because I know what’s in my food and I just feel better. But I’m getting burned out in the kitchen. My go-to rice and chicken are starting to bore the heck out of me and I’m too uninspired to fancy it up. For a while, I was buying GF/DF frozen meals for lunch and dinner but I’ve found that eating so many frozen meals makes me sad. I know I should cook more often but it really isn’t my thing. Any suggestions?

We’ve Got “Gluten-Free Issues”

I’ve had celiac disease since I was in high school, so I’m used to navigating restaurants, the grocery store and most places I find myself when it’s time to eat. I recently started a job where I have to travel a lot, usually twice a month. The problem is I find myself in airports when it’s time to eat and there’s not a whole lot of celiac awareness going on. I realize airports aren’t known for their healthy options but I’m getting tired of living on nuts and fruit. How do I eat?

We’ve Got “Allergy Issues”

As a celiac for over seven years, I’m finally getting this whole thing down. I’m someone who never cooked before I got this diagnosis but now I enjoy cooking (most of the time) and I’m proud of the gluten-free recipes I make.

We’ve Got “Allergy Problems”

I have no problem educating one friend or server at a time about celiac disease but what do I do with 50 or more people at a potluck? I can bring a gluten-free main dish or dessert, but how can I be sure that I’ll get any of it? Or if there’s some left when I get there in line, how do I know that it hasn’t been contaminated by folks borrowing spoons? I can rush to the front of the line but that feels rude. I can serve myself before sharing my dish with others but that looks rude. Last time, I cooked and brought along a little separate casserole for myself. That worked fairly well—but no one is learning anything.

Got Allergies?

I’m gluten sensitive and I just found out the hard way that flax bothers me, too. Recently, I was invited to a party where the hostess planned to serve lasagna, so I gave her my trusted brand of gluten-free and flax-free noodles. For whatever reason, she used another gluten-free brand instead. She didn’t tell me about this until after I arrived. I couldn’t just turn around and leave, so I politely ate what she made. It didn’t take my body long to tell me that her noodles contained flax. Later, I researched her brand and, sure enough, there was flax in them. What should I have done?

We’ve Got Allergy “Issues”

I was diagnosed with gluten, dairy and soy allergies last year and I’m wondering if you know of a diet I could go on to lose weight. Is there a gluten-, dairy- and soy-free plan I could follow to lose about 20 pounds? Does such a thing exist?

Gluten-Free “Issues”

I recently dined at a Mexican restaurant with friends. Of the five of us, I’m the only one who is gluten-free (and proud of it!). When we were seated, the server brought us corn tortilla chips, which he explained to me were “99 percent gluten-free” and “1 percent flour.” Knowing that corn tortilla chips are usually gluten-free, I asked him if I could look at the recipe, assuming the restaurant made the chips. He told me they came from a supplier. So I asked if I could please see the product ingredient list.

Irreverent Solutions to your Real Life Allergy & Sensitivity Drama

Why is gluten-free food so expensive? Even then, there’s no guarantee I won’t get sick from cross-contamination. I feel like I should just live in a bubble to keep from getting sick.

We’ve Got “Issues”

This may be one of the most uncomfortable things about having a restricted diet. I have balked at dinner invitations at someone else’s house and turned down offers for others to pick up lunch for me for this same reason. No one is going to be as careful with your diet as you are (except for your mother and the person who wants you healthy for child-rearing/sex/help with the dishes). Not unlike the problem in our first question, a slightly informed person can be more dangerous to those of us with allergies, sensitivities and autoimmune issues than someone who honestly admits they know nothing.



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