We’ve Got Issues: April/May 2019

I’m a newly diagnosed celiac and am getting really confused. I’ve been lurking on some celiac forums and I’m hearing a lot of conflicting information like whether or not something has gluten. It seems like I have to double-check everything I hear. It’s so hard to make sure I’m doing everything right and staying gluten-free. How can I be certain I’m not getting bad info? Help!

We’ve Got Issues: February/March 2019

I’ve run out of ideas on how to keep my gluten-intolerant 14-year-old son from sneaking gluten when he’s out of my sight. Even though we’ve been a gluten-free household for six years—ever since he was diagnosed—and we’ve been consistent about communicating his diet to friends’ parents, summer camp, school and family, he still will eat cupcakes at parties and pizza any time it’s available. Inevitably he gets sick and admits to sneaking gluten.

We’ve Got Issues: December/January 2019

Are ancient grains gluten-free and safe to eat? Ancient grains sound so healthy, don’t they? I’m picturing amber waves of grain untouched by pesticides, herbicides and other kinds of pollution.

We’ve Got Issues: October/November 2018

Most of us don’t carry our own gluten-free shampoo and hair gel with us when we get our hair styled. Ask to read the label of any hair products before they’re used on you. Otherwise, your ‘do’ could turn into a ‘don’t.’ Here are a few words to look for: hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat germ, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, avena sativa and triticum aestivum.

We’ve Got Issues: August/September 2018

I have a few food allergies and I was just diagnosed with celiac disease. Now it looks like my dog has food issues. Is this possible? She’s been eating the same dog food for years. Am I projecting my problems onto her? Should I buy gluten-free dog food?

We’ve Got Issues: June/July 2018

I miss fried chicken so much…and hush puppies and mozzarella sticks and anything you can find at the State Fair. But my frustration in missing these fried foods pales compared to missing my absolute favorite—French fries. When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease, I was happy because French fries don’t have any gluten ingredients. But it wasn’t long before I discovered that French fries aren’t safe since they’re fried in the same basket as onion rings, shrimp and other gluten-y fried items. My only requirement for restaurants is that there be gluten-free fries on the menu. As you may have guessed, this isn’t common. So I have to ask, how bad is sharing a fryer, really?

We’ve Got Issues: April/May 2018

My fiancée has celiac disease and we recently moved in together, which means merging kitchens. I understand that some things, like wooden cutting boards, can be very difficult to rid of residual gluten. I’ve tossed those and only eat gluten outside of the house. Still, my fiancée has gotten sick more than once after we ate at home. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong. What is it?

We’ve Got Issues: February/March 2018

Restaurant staff have been hearing a lot more about gluten lately, so most are familiar with gluten-free customers. Some (or many) of these diners are gluten-free by choice, not medical necessity. Diners in the latter group—like you and me—need to ask questions. We need to be taken seriously. We actually get sick and have long-term repercussions if we eat gluten or our food gets contaminated. So it’s on us to express that clearly and accurately to the people who handle our food. Maybe if you look at these conversations as a public service rather than something just for you, you’ll feel better about asking questions.

We’ve Got Issues: December/January 2018

I’m almost afraid to ask this—but what should I be doing about sugar? I have celiac disease and can’t tolerate dairy in milk and most cheeses (but can as an ingredient in baked goods). I’m pretty good about keeping to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet but I keep hearing that sugar can be a problem because of inflammation or something. Obviously, I don’t want to cut anything else out of my diet. But if sugar is what’s standing between me and feeling terrific, well, should I ditch it?

We’ve Got Issues: October/November 2017

I had the screening for celiac and have no indicators, so I did not have the biopsy. There are some autoimmune diseases in my family and I know that the incidence of celiac is on the rise. Maybe the blood test is missing something. Is it possible my doctor is wrong? How can I find out what’s going on with my body? I’m feeling so desperate and angry. Maybe I should just go see a psychiatrist.



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