Gluten-Free Snickers Treats
Experience the taste of your old favorite candy bar with this delicious gluten-free frozen cake.
Jules Shepard Gluten-Free Snickers Treats Experience the taste of your old favorite candy bar with this delicious gluten-free frozen cake.
The Best Gluten-Free Sliced Breads: 2017 The Best Gluten-Free Sliced Breads: 2017 Even gluten-free folks still love bread, and now most of us buy it ready-made rather than baking ourselves. The Gluten Free & More team tasted and tested dozens of packaged gluten-free breads - here's how they stack up.
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  • gluten free frozen snickers treats

    These dessert recipes have it all. Unusual treats that add new spins on old frozen favorites, these desserts have beautiful presentations, fun flavors, and easy preparation! Cool off with friends or with the kids over one (or all) of these amazing ice cream bar-style treats. All...

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  • gluten free Zucchini Pasta Primavera

    My family members will only eat meals that taste really good (in other words, they can’t taste too “healthy”), and like most families, we also need to stick to a budget. I developed these vegetable-based recipes with speed, convenience and cost in mind to make...

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  • gluten free muffins

    Muffins are a delicious way to showcase summertime bounty. Any time you can slip fresh fruit or vegetables into a favorite food without the kids noticing, it’s a definite plus. So we created a basic muffin recipe and tweaked it in four different ways to highlight the...

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  • gluten free cracker recipes

    Homemade crackers can be amazingly delicious and super-nutritious. They’re excellent vehicles for wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients. Packed with nourishment, they make the perfect guilt-free, gluten-free snack. Crackers are a favorite American snack food—and for good...

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  • AN-PEP Enzymes: Protection from Gluten Contamination

    Over the past few years, several journal studies have indicated that AN-PEP may be effective in degrading gluten into small, harmless fragments. This new study out of Örebro University in Sweden monitored 18 gluten-sensitive participants who ate a porridge containing crumbled wheat cookies. Results showed that AN-PEP significantly lowered gluten levels in participants’ stomachs and small intestines. “These results suggest that AN-PEP can potentially be used when gluten-sensitive individuals unintentionally consume foods with a small amount of gluten, so they can feel safer with their food choices,” says researcher Julia König.

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    Mindfulness Meditation and Digestive Healing

    In May 2015, a pilot study conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that mind-body practices that elicited a relaxation response had “significant impact” on the clinical symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and “on the expression of genes related to inflammation and the body’s response to stress.”

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