Grilled Gluten-Free Romaine Wedge Salad
Oksana Charla Grilled Gluten-Free Romaine Wedge Salad
Jules Shepard GF Chilled Pea or Lentil Salad This healthy, filling salad is delicious no matter what vegetables you choose to add in.
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  • Gluten-Free Mix and Match Chocolate Cupcakes


    This recipe is the little black dress of cupcakes...You can dress it up with a variety of fillings, frostings and decorative toppings or keep it basic with simple vanilla or chocolate. For a deeper chocolate flavor, increase the cocoa powder in this recipe by ¼ cup (to 1 cup...

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  • grilled romaine wedge


    Grilling imbues wedges of romaine lettuce with smoky flavor and tender texture and it makes cherry tomatoes become impossibly sweet. Add a chunky vegetable-bean medley and a punchy pesto dressing, and you’ve got an extraordinary salad.

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  • gluten free dairy free carrot smoothie


    On nights when you’re steaming vegetables for dinner, pop in some extra carrots to use in this smoothie the next day. A cool treat for breakfast, it isn’t over-the-top sweet. The pinch of salt helps heighten the cinnamon and brighten the overall flavor, so don’t be...

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  • Toasted Quinoa, Banana & Cranberry Granola Bars


    Packed with dried fruit, bananas, crunchy quinoa, oats and flax, these bars are a tasty on-the-go snack the entire family will love.

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  • The Changing Face of Celiac Disease

    Stefano Guandalini, MD, is an internationally recognized expert on celiac disease who has greatly influenced the way the condition is diagnosed and treated. He founded the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center in 2001, where he’s served as medical director, as well as section chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at the University of Chicago Medicine. He recently transitioned from these positions to the role of professor emeritus.

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    Trailblazers in Gluten Free

    From kidney beans to kombu seaweed, Eden Foods offers more than 400 products—all are organic and more than 65 percent are gluten-free. The company has been a pioneer in many areas—all foods have been non-GMO since 1993 and beans have been sold in BPA-free cans since 1999.

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