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Our trusted allergy-friendly food experts know their way around the kitchen and allergies. With their expertise and know-how, they'll help demystify cooking for people living with other food allergies like dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy or something else. And you'll love the gourmet results.

Our thoroughly tested allergy-friendly recipes cover breakfast to dinner and everything in between, our tried-and-true recipes will yield delicious results every time. Gluten Free & More can help make cooking fun again.

Ask the Chef - Help! What can I use in place of cornstarch?

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Ask the Chef - Help! What can I use in place of cornstarch?

I am allergic to corn. Which starch is the best substitution for cornstarch in the recipes in your magazine? Each starch has slightly different properties, with cornstarch and arrowroot powder producing the lightest baked goods and tapioca starch/flour and potato starch producing a slightly denser texture. Nevertheless, as part of a flour blend, you can replace one starch with another on a one-to-one basis with excellent results.

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