Allergy-Friendly Recipes for Kids

Is your child one of the millions of kids who live with a food allergy? Living Without can help. For over a decade we have been helping parents of children with food allergies deal with the challenges that are unique to them.

In this section you will find topics that won't just help you with what to feed your allergic child but also what you need to know when working with your child's pediatrician and school.
In Pediatric Allergist Question and Answer, Pediatric Allergists answer common questions for any parent of a child with food allergies ranging from drug allergies to the effectiveness of certain therapies.

Sending a child to school with food allergies can be daunting for any parent. But it doesn't have to be.  Living Without can give you the information you need with informative articles that will help you take the proper steps to make going to school safer.

Don't forget the recipes! Any child whether they have food allergies or not still love Pizza and Chicken Nuggets...more

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The Chef Within

Not everyone loves to cook, yet I do, although my refrigerator lacks ingredients—butter, milk, beef, shrimp, mustard—that others take for granted. I’m a better cook for becoming one when I did, outgrown of grease and salt’s easy pleasures, in an era that champions olive oil over Crisco. Is it easy to raise a child with special dietary needs? No. Will dietary restrictions limit your child’s relationship to food? No. You just have to trust the one ingredient common to every recipe: Time.

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