[Updated July 6, 2015]

Allergy-Friendly Recipes for Kids

Is your child one of the millions of kids who live with a food allergy? Gluten Free & More can help. For more than a decade, we have been providing vital information to parents of children with food allergies.

In this section, you'll find topics that deal not only with what to feed your allergic child, but that aid you in working with your child's pediatrician and school.
In Pediatric Allergist Questions and Answers, Pediatric Allergists answer common questions for any parent of a child with food allergies. Topic range from from drug allergies to the effectiveness of certain therapies.

Sending a child to school with food allergies can be daunting for any parent. But it doesn't have to be.  Gluten Free & More can give you the information you need via informative articles that will guide you in taking the proper steps to make school lunches and snacks safer.

Don't forget the recipes! Any child, whether he or she has food allergies, still loves Pizza and more

DIY Gluten-Free Donuts

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DIY Gluten-Free Donuts

Plain, glazed, or frosted and covered in sprinkles, homemade gluten-free donuts are a universal hit

Making gluten-free donuts from scratch is simple and requires minimal effort. With just a donut pan and a few gluten-free ingredients, you can whip up a fresh batch in no time. These fiy gluten free donuts freeze well, so feel free to double or triple the recipes. Stored in an airtight container with wax paper in between, they’ll keep in the freezer for months ... although donuts never last that long in my house!

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