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Living with food allergies doesn't have to mean navigating life on your own. There's a wonderful community out there just waiting to welcome you into the folds. Let Living Without help you find where, when and who can help you along your journey. Filled with important research and diet advice and the best in allergen-free living.

Whether you are avoiding dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy or something else, let the Gluten Free & More team of experts help you learn to live well without allergens. Tune into our Quick Start Guides for help getting started.

Vitamin K & Bone Health

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Vitamin K & Bone Health

Is vitamin K essential for strong bones?

Is vitamin K essential for strong bones? A handful of recent studies suggest that vitamin K2, one of several types of vitamin K, can help build bone, while a few studies suggest it may have no impact. Given the critical importance of bone health for those with celiac disease and other malabsorption issues, we talked with the experts at Tufts University’s vitamin K research lab about the confusion.

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