Visit Portland!

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Visit Portland!

This friendly, progressive Oregon town is a gluten-free, allergy-friendly foodie fest

Portland, Oregon: Birkenstock-wearing, fleece-clad, vegan hikers. Bespeckled hipster architects. Politically correct, naked bike-riding protesters. This caricature of Portland—evidenced on the hit show Portlandia—is lovingly embraced by this free-thinking town. Over the past decade, Portland has also gained a well deserved reputation of being a hangout for the most conscientious foodies—vegans, locavores, farm-to-table, sustainable, gluten-free, food-allergic…you name it. Here are some of Portland’s attractions and some favorite places to eat. Of course, with the exception of restaurants that are entirely gluten-free, always make sure you double-check with the wait staff that your meal is safe. There’s little danger you’ll get a confused look or an exasperated sigh in response.

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