Gluten-Free 101

Newly diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or a severe food allergy? As we point out in our "Must Do's for Newly Diagnosed" story, it’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of a lifestyle in which you’ll take the right steps to manage celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or an allergy in order to keep things normal. 

Just remember that you’re not alone. Gluten-Free & More—both in print and online—will help you adapt, learn and live well via features, columns, recipes and “how-to” articles written by internationally known authors, medical experts and doctors. As you've likely discovered, there's no shortage of confusing information out there (see our "Myth vs. Reality" story).

Use this page to direct you to:

  • basic information on gluten-free living;
  • stories on food choices and substitutions;
  • gluten-free cooking, baking and kitchen tips;
  • trouble-saving guidelines to eating out at restaurants;
  • easy-to-understand answers to all of your gluten-related health questions.  

See also our story on telltale signs of celiac disease, complete with a list of more than 300 symptoms.


Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity, & Food Allergy Basics

  • MUST-DOs FOR THE NEWLY DIAGNOSED - If you’ve just been told that you have celiac disease, it’s likely that your head is spinning, and that you've already started down the path of "information overload." You may even be in a daze of disbelief. A...

  • QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: CELIAC DISEASE - Dr. Stephen Guandalini covers a wide range of issues that affect those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, from symptoms to treatment to the right diet.

  • ARE YOU GLUTEN-SENSITIVE? - Chances are you know someone who doesn’t have celiac disease but swears by the gluten-free diet. Maybe their migraines have eased, their skin rash has cleared or their energy level has spiked. Despite many people...

  • GLUTEN-FREE 101: THE BASICS - Don't miss this enlightening talk on celiac disease and gluten sensitivity presented by Anne Lee, nutritional director at Dr. Schär, a gluten-free food product manufacturer located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

  • GLUTEN-FREE QUICK-START GUIDE - Check in here for a simple overview of what's allowed (and not allowed) in a gluten-free diet.

  • QUESTIONS ABOUT CELIAC DISEASE? - Visit our "Easy to Understand Answers" directory, where you'll find features on symptoms, diagnosis, testing, triggers and more.

YOUR DIET: Gluten-Free Food Choices and Substitutions

  • FOOD ALLERGY SUBSTITUTION SOLUTIONS - Whether you're newly diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity or someone you love is, the prospect of cooking can be overwhelming. What needs to be avoided? What are the alternatives to dairy products, nuts and flour?

  • ALLERGAN-FRIENDLY BAKING SUBSTITUTIONS - Our Erica Dermer delivers advice from three amazing bakers talking about their favorite substitutions for recipes created with food allergies and gluten sensitivity in mind. Panel includes Colette Martin of Learning To Eat...

  • BLOG: THE ALLERGY-FREE COOK'S SUBSTITUTION TIPS - Our blogger passes along expert advice from Laurie Sadowski, better known as The Allergy-Free Cook, on baking substitutions for those with food allergies and sensitivities. Her inside tips and tricks touch on flour, dairy,...

  • SURPRISE! THERE'S GLUTEN IN THAT! - You know the basics—there’s gluten in bread, pasta, pizza and cake. But soup, sushi, even ketchup, ice cream and dog food can contain gluten. A protein found in wheat, barley and rye, gluten comes in many guises....

  • GLUTEN BY ACCIDENT - What do you do if you accidentally ingest gluten? Our food editor has answers.

  • MYTH vs. REALITY: GLUTEN-FREE MISCONCEPTIONS - Our experts debunk five commonly held "tall tales" related to celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.

YOUR KITCHEN: Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking

  • GLUTEN-FREE MEAL PLANNING - With the rise in food allergies and the need for special diets, many people who would rather not cook are forced into the kitchen. If that's you, take heart: In no time, you can get into a nice groove. One of the simplest...

  • SMARTER GLUTEN-FREE SHOPPING - Navigating the supermarket aisles and figuring out which products are safe and healthy is a big challenge for anyone brand-new to the gluten-free diet. The same goes for someone just diagnosed with a food allergy. Many...

  • A LOFTY LOAF: HOW TO MAKE GLUTEN-FREE BREAD - Anxious about making homemade bread? Food editor Beth Hillson to the rescue: She offers advice on bread machines as well easy-to-master gluten-free bread recipies.

  • THE GLUTEN-FREE KITCHEN: ARMED AND READY - Just starting to bake gluten-free recipes and wondering which kitchen utensils and tools you should use? Food editor Beth Hillson has the answers....

  • WINNING GLUTEN-FREE BREAD RECIPES - Get baking! Here's a host of bread recipes—five in all, plus a flour blend—to get you started.

  • GLUTEN-FREE FLOUR POWER - Baking gluten-free requires using a mix of flours. Use our guide to find the right blend for you.

YOUR MENU: Dining Out Gluten-Free

  • DINING OUT: GLUTEN-FREE MENU MATTERS - Dining out at restaurants can be a challenge for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Armed with the right questions and aware of the potential for gluten contamination, you can make the experience trouble-free.

  • TELLING A RESTAURANT YOU'VE BEEN "GLUTENED" - Erica Dermer, GF&M's managing editor and a longtime blogger, offers her advice on what to do if the food you've been served at a restaurant was gluten-contaminated.

  • GLUTEN-FREE RESTAURANT TALK - It’s easier than ever to find gluten-free options these days. More and more restaurants are offering gluten-free menus and many have vegetarian and dairy-free choices, too.

  • "GREAT" KITCHENS: MAKING RESTAURANTS CELIAC-SAFE - Organizations like the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness are making a change for the better those on a gluten-free diet. The NFCA's "GREAT Kitchens and Schools" program is working hard to train kitchens and schools...

YOUR HEALTH: Living Well Gluten-Free

  • NEW: IS THERE GLUTEN IN YOUR PROBIOTICS? - There may be trace amounts of gluten in some probiotics, according to a small study presented at the annual Digestive Diseases Week meeting. Health editor Christine Boyd interviews the study's author, celiac expert Peter...

  • DEFEND AGAINST DEFICIENCY: CELIACS' GUIDE TO VITAMINS AND MINERALS - The majority of people diagnosed with celiac disease and living gluten-free apparently are not totally healing, a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Read about how to make up for mal-absorptive issues.

  • WATCHING YOUR WEIGHT: 10 GLUTEN-FREE DIET TIPS - Maybe you’ve seen the latest headlines of another celebrity proclaiming the gluten-free diet as their get-thin-quick cure-all. “There is no evidence that simply following a gluten-free diet—without making...

  • GLUTEN-FREE? STILL SICK? IT COULD BE EPI... - Chances are you haven’t heard of EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). It may not even be on your doctor’s radar. But everyone with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity should know about it.

  • TRICKING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Immunotherapy—the process of gradually administering an allergen to patients with severe allergies to teach their immune systems not to react—seems to offer an almost magical solution. It involves purposeful...

  • KIDS, ALLERGIES AND GLUTEN SENSITIVITY - Recent research is giving us a clearer picture of the prevalence of gluten-sensitivity and allergies in children.