Try itDec/Jan 2014 Issue

Living Without's Favorites: Super Chicks

Want lots of fiber, minerals and protein all wrapped into a unique, low-cal snack? Chic Naturals presents dry roasted chickpeas, nature’s ultimate healthy food that’s quick, crunchy and surprisingly filling. Roasted chickpeas are available in six pleasing varieties—Plain, Spicy BBQ, Maui Mocha, Sweet Citrus, Sea Salt and Herbs and Chocolate Crunch. A terrific travel companion, they come in 3.5-ounce re-sealable pouches that are ideal for briefcase, lunch box or purse, always ready should hunger call. Chic Naturals also offers chickpea crumbs (a replacement for breadcrumbs) and toppers (an alternative to croutons). No gluten, nuts or other top allergens. No beany side effects. Our only warning: Addiction alert. $3.99