Aug/Sep 2013

Life Story

We've Got "Issues":
College Party Scene, Gluten-Free

Iím a guy in my junior year at the University of Texas, Austin. Everyone here gets what gluten-free is and Iíve managed to eat pretty well since starting school, despite having celiac disease. But after three years of navigating college life, Iím really, really, really, really tired of my friends throwing keggers. I know this is college. And sure, I bring a flaskóbut not only do I look weird, Iím still expected to chip in for the beer and pizza.   More...

Eva LaRue Q&A: The Secrets to Her Allergy-Sensitive Diet

Subscribers Only — Eva LaRueís eight-year run playing crime scene investigator Natalia Boa Vista on CSI: Miami recently ended when the TV show was cancelled. Now the former All My Children soap star is spending more time with her daughter, Kaya, and her husband of three years, Joe Cappuccio. Living Without spoke with the actress several years ago about her soy sensitivity, discovered after her daughter, then 7 years old, developed severe skin rashes from eating soy. Here, LaRue brings us up to date on her special dietary needs.   More...