June/July 2009

Food for Thought

Living With Food Allergies

No matter how you say it, living without requires sacrifice, will power, spine. It takes a willingness to go against spontaneity and impulse, those gratifying moments that make life more satisfying, slightly decadent and, yes, delicious. Given the chance, few of us would willingly eschew. We would gladly give up the label reading, the constant vigilance, the extra expense of special diets and chemical-free living. We would kiss the just-say-no mentality good-bye. Who among us would deny the simple pleasure of milk in our coffee or the luxury of good fragrance on our skin? For me, the idea of biting into a silky cupcake, miniature marvel of butter, sugar and gluten, any time the spirit moves is a pleasure so palpable, I can almost taste it. But we’ve learned to adjust, be resourceful and rein in our impulses. And isn’t restraint the very thing we need more of in these troubled times?   More...