Try itApr/May 2011 Issue

Living Without's Favorites: For Chocoholics


Are you craving rich chocolate and wishing it would fit better into your plans for healthy eating? Mayesa (my-es-ah) offers a delicious new beverage that combines organic cacao with hemp milk, rice and select spices for a good-for-you liquid snack that has the taste of pure indulgence. Available in two flavors (Cacao Original and Cacao Mint), gluten-free, dairy-free Mayesa is a smooth and creamy source of protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin D and antioxidants. Sophisticated enough to satisfy adult palates, Mayesa can be tucked into children’s lunch boxes for a dairy-free substitute for chocolate milk that’s sure to delight. Available online (coupon offered) and in select stores in Massachusetts, Southern California and Texas.