adapting old recipes

adapting old recipes

Postby noglutenplz » Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:11 am

Making my own bread and muffins has turned out to be very rewarding and tasty.l Many of my old recipes work with blends of "all purpose" gluten free flours so I don't have to buy 5 kinds and mix them which is very expensive. For a yeast substitute,I use xanthan gum in addition to whatever baking soda or baking powder they call for. 1 tsp for small recipes like 6 muffins, and 2 tsp for 1 loaf of bread. Quick breads like banana nut or cranberry adapt better than highly raised and yeast breads which never come out very big. I think it's because flours made from beans, rice, tapioca millet and potato are just naturally heavier and denser. I also encourage everyone to find colorful and creative recipes that have nothing to do with wheat substitutes. There are so many beautiful salads and vegetable dishes to enjoy-stay as close to nature as you can and cook from the produce section of the store.
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Re: adapting old recipes

Postby midwayisle » Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:04 pm

Do you know where I can find recipes for gluten free, dairy free, no corn no tomatoes, and no meat? yikes! I am looking for real food not ideas for sweets (never was a big sweet eater). But I do need to find some great ideas for legumes and grains. Any cookbook ideas? I have spent most of the day looking on line and still have no great ideas. I can find gluten free but with dairy, or legumes with gluten ingredients or tomatoe based. Thanks for your input!
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