Gluten-Free Double-Chocolate Passover Cake

This decadent dessert was created for Passover but it can be enjoyed year round. It can be made nut free with good results. To serve, drizzle the cake with chocolate or strawberry glaze and garnish with fresh strawberries. Keep refrigerated until served.

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Gluten-Free Double-Chocolate Passover Cake

Postby Callanish » Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:20 pm

Gluten-Free Double-Chocolate Passover Cake: Now I will admit it was injudicious of me not to try this recipe before preparing it for guests but...Living Without is a site I really trust. So I just did it and it was a disaster. First: the recipe makes far too much "batter" for a ten inch springform boiled up and over, making me really glad I'd put a cookie sheet beneath it or my partner's new oven would be terninally besmirched. Then, of course it was still liquid and hour later. And, there is no way I could have inverted the cake to cool it. Otherwise, Mrs. Lincoln, How was the play? It was delicious but it is important to me to have things beautiful, as well. So, back to the drawing board. I bet I can make this cake really work.
> Callanish
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