Gluten-Free Oatmeal Maple Bread

No kneading. No proofing the yeast. No problem! This bread has great texture, perfect for sandwiches or toast. The maple syrup does double duty, adding flavor and activating the yeast. Rolls have a thick, crispy crust with an airy, slightly chewy interior.

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Oatmeal Maple Gluten-Free Bread

Postby scubadooba » Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:21 am

This bread is fabulous!!! My kiddos who can eat gluten even like it! I can finally eat a cold sandwich again! Thank you so much for this recipe!
> scubadooba
Joined: Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:19 am

Re: Oatmeal Maple Gluten-Free Bread

Postby tomson123 » Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:55 pm

I am anxious to try this bread receipe. One question first. All bread receipes state "let rise in a warm place". The first time I warmed the loaf on my oven door with oven temp about 150-200. The bread rose, but the crust was very hard and it baked very fast. The second time I used a warming tray, the bread rose, then fell and the bottom of the bread had already begun to cook and was rock-hard.

Any suggestions from one wiser than me would be of great help. I have also used the "all-inclusive" flower from Tom Sawyer products, which is so convenient not to have to mix all the flours, etc. I know I would need the flours in the receipe for the Oatmel Maple bread.

I am a long-time celiac, but am just discovering this new and wonderful gluten baking.

Thanks for anyone's help...Andrea Nolan

> tomson123
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Re: Oatmeal Maple Gluten-Free Bread

Postby Nanna » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:46 pm

This bread was great! I made one slight variation to the recipe -- instead of 1 cup oat flour, I used 2/3 cup oat flour and 1/3 cup buckwheat flour. I will definitely make this recipe again.
> Nanna
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