Going Gluten Free

San-J Gluten-Free Stir-Fry: 3 Steps to Success

Posted by Erica Dermer on February 24, 2017

For my stir-fry, I used the Mongolian stir-fry and marinade cooking sauce. While we typically just make a stir-fry with tamari sauce, these Asian cooking sauces take the flavor up to restaurant-quality seasoning. The Mongolian sauce is tamari with lots of garlic and ginger – two of my favorite flavors.

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The Myers Way Diet: One Editor’s Experience in Trying It Out

Posted by Christine Boyd on February 23, 2017

Gluten Free & More Health Editor Christine Boyd, after interviewing physician and author Amy Myers, M.D., reports on her own four-week trial run on “The Myers Way Diet.” Here's how it went for her.

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What Do You Do If You Accidentally Ingest Gluten?

Posted by Beth Hillson on February 22, 2017

Unfortunately, there is no antidote or morning-after pill to ease the symptoms from gluten exposure. Each person reacts differently and uses different techniques to ease the symptoms. Some people say they drink a lot of water. Some take digestive enzymes or lots of antacids. Crudely put, my 20-something metropolitan son says he takes a ‘s**t and a snooze’ and then feels better.

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Gluten Free Green Chile Artichoke Dip

Posted by Chrystal Carver on February 19, 2017

Spice up your parties with a creamy, cheesy, No-bake Green Chile Artichoke Dip using Hatch Chile Company Diced Mild Green Chiles. As spring draws closer and closer with each passing day, invites for BBQs and family events are already starting to arrive. We're really big into celebrating spring time with weekend events, picnics, and BBQs. They all know that I cook and bake and expect me to bring a dish that…

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SunButter Gluten-Free Banana Coconut Oatmeal

Posted by Cindy Gordon on February 8, 2017

As the temperatures are dipping into the single digits in many parts of the country, households are scrambling to come up with warm and delicious breakfasts. In the winter, we want gluten-free breakfasts that not only taste great, but contain wholesome ingredients that fill us up. Gluten-Free Oatmeal is the perfect meal that will keep your belly happy all morning long!

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Gluten-Free Recipes for SuperBowl Sunday!

Posted by Erica Dermer on January 31, 2017

If you’re gluten-free, you know the fear and anxiety that comes with large gatherings involving food. This is especially true for parties hosted to watch the “big game” coming up soon. But there is no need to worry if you make these safe, delicious recipes that are perfect for football parties and pre-game celebrations!

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Is it Really Gluten-Free? Nima, the Portable Gluten Sensor, is on the Case!

Posted by Kelly Kurzhal on January 26, 2017

The brand new Nima pocket-sized portable gluten sensor is very easy to use. You just put a pea-size piece of the item you want to test into the capsule and twist the disposable capsule until it clicks. Place the capsule in the sensor, press the button to start, and wait less than a few minutes while it calculates the results. A smiley face means free from gluten, under 20ppm.

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Gluten- and Dairy-Free Chocolate Pudding Cups with Enjoy Life Chocolate Morsels!

Posted by Chrystal Carver on January 20, 2017

We turned to Enjoy Life Foods products several years ago, because we can trust that their products are safe. They follow gluten-free labeling laws and manufacture their products in a facility that is free from the top eight allergens: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat. They also take extra care when sourcing their ingredients, so none of the top eight allergens are brought into the production area. I probably have at least one of every product they make in my cupboard right now.

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Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Sunflower Seed Buttercups

Posted by Chrystal Carver on January 4, 2017

Flavored nut butters are fabulous no-bake ingredients to include in homemade treats like candies and energy bites; these snacks are easy enough to make and don’t require a ton of ingredients. One of the things that I love about making treats with nut and seed butters is that they’re healthy, full of protein and good fats, and one jar can make several dozen treats depending on the recipe you are making, whether it be fudge, sunflower seed butter balls or buttercups.

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Bob’s Red Mill Overnight Eggnog Oatmeal

Posted by Erica Dermer on December 21, 2016

I thought for sure that when I went dairy-free and egg-free, eggnog was going to be off limits. However, now there are several dairy-free brands producing excellent vegan nog to be enjoyed by all! Now that I have an endless supply of non-egg eggnog, I wanted to experiment with new eggnog inspired recipes. And what’s better than to start your day with a cup of cheer – with eggnog oatmeal. Trust me, it’s delicious.

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