Going Gluten Free

Stabilyze Your Afternoon Sugar Crashes

Posted by Pam Jordan on August 25, 2016

Stabilyze Nutrition Bars were created by Innova Nutrition to go against what you think about a typical bar. They’re made to fill you up with good-for-you ingredients, without a sugar crash. Did I mention that they are also certified gluten-free? The Stabilyze Bars were created with a low glycemic index to help stabilize blood sugar, without the crash that many high-sugar bars give you. No sugar spike means no crazy insulin spike and subsequent “hangry” crash afterwards!

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Cinnamon Chocolate Fusion Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Posted by Brianna Hobbs on August 19, 2016

For about 6 months my family has been dairy-free (and we’ve been gluten-free for ages), so I always look forward to checking out all the growing dairy-free frozen dessert options. When I saw Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Cinnamon Chocolate Fusion frozen dessert I knew I had to try it. “A spirited embrace of warm cinnamon and rich chocolate”...count me in! If you have never had cinnamon and chocolate together, you are truly missing out. The cinnamon adds this depth and complexity to the chocolate that you never knew you were missing.

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San-J’s Tamari Ice Cream + Asian Grilling Party

Posted by Brianna Hobbs on August 11, 2016

A great way to change up your grill routine are San-J’s gluten-free sauces and marinades. They have an entire gluten free Asian themed grilling party menu, full of interesting and delicious recipes like Summer Herb Seafood Szechuan Salad, Grilled Mongolian Flank Steak, and a Thai Peanut Pasta Salad! Every San-J grilling recipe is great, but one stands out in particular for its unusualness and its incredible taste: the dessert! Sticking with the Asian theme, I was super excited to try San-J’s recipe for Tamari Ice Cream with Toasted Pecans and Marshmallows, and trust me, it did not disappoint.

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GMOs' Impact on the Gluten-Free Community

Posted by Christine Boyd on August 4, 2016

Genetically modified organism (GMO) is a term used to describe plants or animals altered via genetic engineering to achieve a certain beneficial trait. Examples include fish genes inserted into strawberries to protect the fruit from freezing, and dairy cows injected with the genetically engineered hormone rBGH to increase milk production. Virtually all GMO crops are engineered to withstand direct application of herbicides, including Roundup and its main ingredient, glyphosate.

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Getting Calcium into Your Dairy-Free Diet

Posted by Anne Lee, EDD, RDN, LD on August 4, 2016

Trouble digesting lactose—a sugar found in milk and other dairy products--is common in the gluten-free community. Some 30 percent of those with celiac disease have problems with lactose, at least until the intestinal villi heal. In addition, some with non-celiac gluten-sensitivity and IBS find that limiting lactose eases their digestive symptoms.

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Raise a Pint with So Delicious Dairy Free

Posted by Erica Dermer on August 1, 2016

The Raise a Pint promotion runs now through August 5th. So Delicious will pick 20 lucky winners that will receive a So Delicious Party Pack. Can you believe that delicious prize? But everyone will leave a winner, with recipes shared throughout the entire season.

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Cure Depression with Meditation and Exercise

Posted by Christine Boyd on July 26, 2016

For many with mild-to-moderate depression, an exercise regimen can help, promoting the release of mood-enhancing endorphins. It’s also thought exercise stimulates the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which may directly improve mood, too.

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How To Tame Your Celiac-Related Chronic Inflammation

Posted by Christine Doherty, N.D. on July 26, 2016

Celiac disease, like other autoimmune disorders, is a chronic inflammatory condition. In theory, chronic inflammation in celiac disease should resolve once gluten is completely eliminated. But it can take months, even years, to achieve this. Normal blood antibody levels (tissue transglutaminase IgA, tTG-IgA) are a good indication that celiac-related inflammation has settled down.

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Too Much Salt & Autoimmune Disease

Posted by Jessica Goldman Foung on July 26, 2016

Although the discovery of a mechanism in which salt up-regulates an inflammatory response is compelling, the potential link between salt in the human diet and autoimmune disease is still premature. The root cause of autoimmune diseases is largely unknown, thought to be the result of a combination of genetic factors and external triggers.

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The Celiac Saga: An Interview about Health & Healing

Posted by Erica Dermer on July 20, 2016

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in September 2015 after nine years of searching for a diagnosis. I created The Celiac Saga in December, just four months later. The celiac diagnosis was jarring, and the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle was really hard to go through alone. While my family was supportive, I was the only one to actually have the disease, and it was difficult for them to relate. I started to look for support groups in my area, but unfortunately, none had any teen members. I decided to branch out and looked online and found blogs run by celiac teens and articles about celiac teens.

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