Going Gluten-FreeJanuary 2, 2013

Springboard to Better Health

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Posted by Alicia Woodward

A reader recently wrote us: “I love this recipe. I replaced the rice flour with teff flour, substituted the xanthan gum with guar gum, reduced the fat with applesauce and threw in some raisins. It has become a family favorite. Thank you, Living Without!”

We say, “Thank you, Reader.” The Living Without team gets super-charged when readers use our recipes and articles as springboards to customized dishes (based on their own food sensitivities) and to improved health. We love it that we help build confidence in the kitchen and encourage the use of substitute ingredients. Every time we hear that a reader has tweaked one of our recipes to make it uniquely theirs, we feel like applauding.

Sure, it’s easy to become despondent faced with foods you love but must avoid. So finding a way to adapt a recipe or adjust a diet to suit yourself or a family member can give you a boost–both mentally and on a culinary level. And if you choose wholesome replacements, you increase much more than the flavor. You also increase the nutritional count of your foods, making every bite that much better for you.

This year, consider making a New Year’s resolution that will be fun to keep. Take a stab at preparing a new dish or baked good for yourself or your family using a nutrient-dense replacement ingredient that you haven’t tried before (or used that much). Try sorghum flour for some of that white rice flour in a baked good recipe. Try using coconut sap sugar instead of white table sugar. Try sprinkling some chia seeds (salba seeds) in your smoothie. 

The entire Living Without staff joins me in wishing you a happy, healthy and nutrient-dense New Year.

What healthy ingredient replacements do you love? Which would you like to try?