Christine Boyd

Christine Boyd is a contributor to Living Without. She is a young mother with Celiac Disease, whose blogs will discuss finding safe food for her family, adjusting to the gluten free diet and lifestyle as well as gluten free fertility and pregnancy issues.

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Recent Stories From this Author

Gluten & Insomnia
April 22, 2015 A recent study in celiac adults suggests sleep issues are a big deal in the gluten-free world.

Identifying Celiac Disease
April 21, 2015 How do you know if you have celiac disease? Symptoms aren't always easy to spot.

Surprise! There's Gluten in That!
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Older Adults and Celiac Disease
April 21, 2015 Medical studies show that celiac disease can be a lifelong disorder that doesn’t occur just in childhood.

Telltale Signs
April 21, 2015 Symptoms of celiac disease vary widely from person to person and can occur in the digestive system or in other parts of the...

Gluten Sensitivity Part 3
February 25, 2015 You may have heard that gluten sensitivity—also known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity—can cause digestive problems. But...

Research Roundup: Feeling Your Oats, Peanuts in Household Dust & More!
February 25, 2015 Australian researchers say they’ve identified the key components in oats that cause an immune response in some people with...

Are You Gluten Sensitive?
December 22, 2014 In this second installment of our Q&A with four leading celiac experts, we get the scoop on how best to test for and diagnose...

Research Roundup: Nannies and Food Allergy & More
December 22, 2014 Almost all nannies who took part in an online survey about food allergy recognized the condition as potentially...

Gluten-Free Paris
December 16, 2014 After I was diagnosed with celiac disease nearly a decade ago, I traveled internationally to London. I’m not sure that trip...