More About Our Authors

Alicia Woodward

Living Without's editor, Alicia Woodward, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist, blogs about upcoming articles and topics being prepared for the magazine--everything from gluten-free life stories to the medical research and breakthroughs on celiac disease. Alicia also comments on letters and feedback received from readers on gluten-free living.

Beth Hillson

Beth Hillson is Food Editor of Living Without. Beth is President of the American Celiac Disease Alliance as well as the founder of the Gluten Free Pantry line of products. Beth will share her expertise on living with Celiac Disease as well as ideas and advice for cooking in and eating out.

Oksana and Tom Charla

Oksana Charla is Living Withoutís Design Director and her husband Tom is a contributor to Living Without. The Charlas will blog on their experiences raising a son with Celiac Disease. Topics will cover family life, finding quick kid-friendly meals and restaurants, school-related issues, childhood pals and classmates, holidays, camping, birthday parties, and more.

Laurel Green

Product reviewer Laurel Greene is a self-styled "foodie" who's been cooking for over 50 years. Preparing meals for family members with allergies, aversions, intolerances and major gastrointestinal disorders fosters her creativity. "My favorite part of the day," she says, "is helping our staff find answers to readers' questions. The numerous books I read for "Read It" and products I preview for "Try It" are invaluable resources to me, as well as to the rest of the team. It's a job that's a perfect match."

Christine Boyd

Christine Boyd is a contributor to Living Without. She is a young mother with Celiac Disease, whose blogs will discuss finding safe food for her family, adjusting to the gluten free diet and lifestyle as well as gluten free fertility and pregnancy issues.